Content Policy

Version dated 31.12.2023

In the magical realm of TWEEZY, where creativity flourishes, we, AURALES SAS, are the architects behind the scenes, infusing life into this French entity officially recognized as a simplified limited liability being. Our presence emanates from the Fréjus Trade and Companies Register under the number 809 565 906, with our dwelling located at 12, Boulevard des Fauvettes, SAINTE-MAXIME, France. For those curious about our legitimacy, our VAT number is FR16953139235, SIREN is 953139235, and SIRET is 95313923500014. We go by the monikers "the Operator," "TWEEZY," or simply "Us."

Embarking on this journey with Creators, our vision extends beyond the ordinary, complementing the General Terms and Conditions of Service (GTS). To traverse our digital landscape, Creators pledge to refrain from uploading content that ventures into the following realms:

Youthful Innocence: Content portraying or referencing individuals under 18 is a forbidden realm unless armed with written documentation confirming the age and consent of those featured.

Forbidden Artifacts: Firearms, restricted goods, and drugs, along with themes of self-harm, suicide, incest, bestiality, and various explicit violent or sexually explicit activities, are barred.

Hate Speech & Privacy Invasion: Any content promoting hate speech or revealing personal data without consent is anathema. This includes unsolicited sexual content or language and manipulated sexual content.

Impersonation and Exploitation: Content falsely representing TWEEZY or seeking monetary gains through coercive means is strictly prohibited.

These sacred prohibitions, if breached, may summon account restrictions, as foreseen in the GTS, a pact willingly accepted by Creators. TWEEZY, in its role as guardian, employs measures to ensure compliance, such as Creator certification, content analysis via artificial intelligence, and a vigilant process for reporting and removing illegal content.

As guardians of this digital realm, we stand united against illicit content and online violence, striving to maintain the purity of our enchanted space.

In the spirit of creativity and responsibility,
TWEEZY Enchanters ?‍♂️?